What to Expect

What To Expect During Your Newborn Session

In-Studio & At home Newborn sessions vary in prices.  You can find more information HERE.

The first few days of a baby’s life are so magical and incredible.  There is nothing in the world as precious and sweet as a brand new baby.  If you are anything like me, those days are quite a blur! I know mine were.  I know that you may wonder if you will be too tired, and yes you will be tired! But one thing clients tell me is that their newborn photo session with me is so relaxing! I know it takes work to get out of the house, but once you arrive at my studio, or I get to your home, you can relax and just watch your sweet baby! I know it’s hard to get your baby ready for anything in those first few days, but if you get yourself ready to be in photos, there is nothing as sweet as parents in the photos with their brand new babies. And please don’t worry about your baby crying during a session. That is what they do! I have lots of tricks to help your baby relax so that I can capture sweet photos of your baby awake and asleep.  Did your baby scratch their face the morning of the session? No problem! I can take care of small scratches in my editing.  I am happy to come to your home if you prefer not to take to baby out yet! As far as safety, I always have a parent near the baby if I am not in arms ready.


To be able to freeze those moments for you is such an honor for me!  I would be privileged to capture photos of your baby in his or her first few day of life.

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Before the session

The best time to schedule your newborn photo session in when you are pregnant. Newborns are best photographed when they are 6-10 days old. We will schedule a tentative session based on your expected due date. I ask that you put me on your call list from the hospital when the baby is born. Or better yet assign that job to the new Daddy or your best bud!

Sessions can be done either in your home or in my studio. If I am coming to your home, I bring all the props needed to capture your sweet newborn.



During the session

If you are coming to my home, I set up in my studio which has wonderful natural light.  I will provide water and you are welcome to bring snacks.

For sessions in your home, I set up near a window or glass door with lots of indirect light. I may move some furniture around to make room.

Just before the in-studio or at home session, baby should be well fed.  If you can hold them off to eating until right before your session that is great!  Have a little bath/play time and keep them awake a little longer in between feedings.  This will help result in those sleepy sleepy poses.  And you are more than welcome to feed them right when you arrive.  We want a nice full belly!

Expect the session to last 3-4 hours, so that we have plenty of time for baby to get relaxed and happy. This allows for plenty of time for cuddling, feeding and diaper changes. While on this subject, I prefer to capture babies in their natural state- sans clothing.  Most likely this will lead to accidents happening on the blankets and myself as well. I am totally used to this and it is so worth it to capture your little one!

Since babies are usually photographed naked, we need the area WARM!  My studio will be warm, so be prepared!!  If I am coming to your home, please set your thermostat to 80 degrees for my arrival, if we are not sweating, it is probably not warm enough.

Most of the session is focused on the baby, but I usually take a few with the parents and siblings as well.  If you plan to be in any photos, please wear simple, solid colored clothes.  If the baby is really wide awake and does not want to sleep, I will swaddle the baby to get some photos, and use the parents as a prop, holding the baby over the shoulder, in your arms, etc.   By having Mom or Dad hold the baby for a few images, a fussy baby almost always settles down, and I love capturing the incredibly sweet bond between parents and child! 

During the session, I will be handling the baby and doing the posing.  For the most part, the parents can sit back and relax.  I may ask you to hold up a blanket or possibly help hold the baby in a certain position.

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your new bundle of joy.  I hope you will enjoy these precious moments for a long time to come!

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After the session

10 days after the session or sooner,  I will post a sneak peak/teaser on my Facebook or blog page unless otherwise due to certain circumstances.  About 3-4 weeks after session date, your images will be finished and prepared on a high res disc and ready to be picked up.  No orders will be processed without having received payment in full for the order. I also offer many products and an ordering session if you prefer but in no way are required.  Allow two to three (2-3) weeks for processing of your print order. Please bear in mind the 2-3 week turnaround time when ordering cards, invitations, announcements and/or prints that will be utilized as gifts.

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